Remember the 25 lb. bass that was caught in California a couple of years ago, but was released because it was foul-hooked?

“Dottie” was found dead, floating in Southern California’s Lake Dixon last month. She was positively identified by the black dot on her lower gill plate.

Apparently National Geographic magazine was at the lake to try to locate her and get some photo and film footage of her, but the photos ended up being of her deceased carcass floating in the lake.

Dottie was world-renowned after being caught and photographed by Mac Weakley, a local California angler. Mac was sight fishing for the fish. A slight breeze came up and he felt a thump on his jig, so he set the hook. Unfortunately for Mac, the big fish was foul-hooked. Had the fish been hooked in the mouth it would have smashed the current world record weight of 22 lbs. 4 oz.

Because of the foul hooking and the controversy that would have surrounded such a catch, Mac decided to weigh the fish and get photos, and then release her back into the lake with the hopes of catching it again at a later time.

It wasn’t menat to be, however, and “Dottie” has been claimed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for further examination and study.

World record Bass

So the quest for the new world record continues.

Rest in Peace, Dottie.

Now, the rest of you, go bag a hawg!

Curt <><