Bass Fisherman Jimmy Johnson

Bass Fisherman Jimmy Johnson

A few days ago, people in the bass fishing community learned of a terrible crime that had been committed against a well-known tournament angler while he was in Mississippi for a big tournament.

56 year old Jimmy Johnson was staying at a hotel and had gone outside to check his boat after dark. When doing so, he discovered someone attempting to burglarize the boat and steal items from it. The perpetrator drew a gun and shot Jimmy in the face, killing him.


Police used video surveillance footage that showed the suspect on hotel property and, ultimately, they arrested him. The suspect has confessed to the terrible crime, admitting that he killed Jimmy Johnson.

Jimmy Johnson's killer

Jimmy Johnson’s killer

It turned out that he was 17 years old. It also turned out that he was black. Jimmy Johnson was white. I refuse to give the killer’s name, because he deserves no recognition whatsoever.

In my mind it doesn’t matter what color the killer was. He is a killer, plain and simple. He had possession of a gun illegally and used it to take a man’s life as he tried to protect his boat and fishing equipment… the equipment that he used to make his living.

Had this been the opposite, where the angler had killed the teenager, I can only imagine the uproar that would be taking place right now. The media would be having a heyday with it, shouting racial profiling, bigotry, prejudice, racism and whatever else they could think of to draw attention to their agenda.

But where is the media now? Where are their loud voices and extreme cries of racism now that a black teen has killed a white man? Where are they?

Where is Barack Hussein Obama now? Is he too afraid to stand up and say that this boy could have been his son? Where are the people who rioted when George Zimmerman was found not guilty? Where are the people who shouted the loudest about how the trial was rigged because Trayvon Martin was black? Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, with their racially-charged verbal rants?

I ask again; Where are they?

A crime is a crime. It doesn’t matter whether the perpetrator of that crime is black, white, red or any other color or ethnicity. The point is that the media is biased, plain and simple. Were they not, this story would also have made national headlines instead of being buried on the pages of bass-fishing-related websites and on the Facebook pages of other bass anglers.

Shame on you, America. Shame on you, slanted, biased, major media.

I pray for Jimmy’s family, that they will somehow find peace in this terrible time. And I pray for this nation that has fallen so far, that we can somehow find or way back to where we have come from.

Rest In Peace, Jimmy Johnson