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What Floats Your Boat?

For me it’s aluminum! I have had aluminum boats now for the past 20+ years. I like them.. period. They suit me and my style of fishing. They are easy to maintain, lighter to tow and are normally cheaper to buy than a comparably-equipped fiberglass boat. Have you ever been fishing a certain lake and […]

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Senkos vs. Imitations

I recently noticed a HUGE difference between Senkos and some of the various Senko knockoffs. Some people might not notice this or might not care about it, but I wanted to mention it anyway. Senkos are heavier right out of the package than the Senko imitations. This makes them much easier to cast on heavy […]

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Bass Still in Pre-Spawn

Bass here in Southern RI still seem to be in pre-spawn mode. The weather these past two weeks has been very erratic and the water temps have not been able to stabilize above the 60 degree mark. I was out yesterday and saw lots of beds, but they were all empty. Water temps were in […]

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