Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Rain Jacket

Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier Rain Jacket

I spent a day on the water this past weekend with a good friend of mine. We fish together quite a bit during the season.

With the weather here in New England turning colder each week, I always wrestle this time of year with the decision of when to put the boat away for the winter and go into hibernation mode. It’s never an easy decision.

Heading into this trip I had pretty much made up my mind that this would be the last trip of the year because I figured we’d freeze our butts off out there. One thing I forgot to factor into my decision, though, was the fact that I had some great new foul weather gear that I had bought back in February right before my trip to Lake Fork. I had brought it along just in case the wind kicked up and made it unbearable.

Sure enough, after a few hours the wind was starting to get the best of me. So I grabbed my gear from the rod locker and put it on… both, the bibbed pants and the jacket.

Instant warmth. The wind was gone and I warmed up in just a minute or two and stayed perfectly comfortable for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ll admit that I squirmed a bit when I placed the order from Bass Pro Shops for the Pro Qualifier Foul Weather Gear, but now that I’ve experienced the difference between having it and not having it, I will stand and say with no problem at all that it was well worth every penny!

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