I write this post with sadness. The G3 HP series of boats has been laid to rest and discontinued. G3 is no longer manufacturing the HP series of boats, starting with the 2009 model year.

This is a huge blow to the high performance aluminum boat arena. The G3 HP boats were the best of their breed, in my opinion. I own a 2007 G3 HP 180, with a 150 HP Yamaha and I have to tell you that I like this boat a LOT. I don’t just mean I like it, I mean I like it a LOT. Get the picture? 😉

My G3 HP 180 has proven itself to me this past season as a truly high performance aluminum boat, with all of the amenities of a full-blown tournament bass boat.

This boat gets up and goes and does it in style, with a dry ride and fantastic handling.

The standard equipment of the HP series boats was incredible, with dual livewells, hydraulic steering, livewell recirculating pumps, high-performance hull, dual rod lockers… and the list goes on. G3 HP series boats are an incredible machine, built with the avid tournament angler in mind.

I’m at a loss as to what I’ll do when it’s time to trade this boat in several years down the road. G3 is offering the Eagle series as the replacement for the HP series, and let me tell you very bluntly, I will not buy the Eagle series of boats as they sit right now, after having a boat like the HP series. There is no comparison between the two models. The Eagle series is lacking in many ways when it sits side by side next to one of the HP series boats. Don’t get me wrong, its not that the Eagle series isn’t a nice line of boats, but they pale in comparison to the HP series boats.

Anyway, for fear of rambling, I’ll wrap things up now, but know that I am greatly disappointed 🙁

Stay warm,

Curt <><