Here’s another quick boat winterization tip for you. This tip actually needs to be in action before you actually store your boat for the winter. Put this tip into play when the night time temperatures start to get down into the low 40s or high 30s.

When you get home from your fishing trips, be sure to remove your motor toter and lower your motor all the way down, so all remaining water in the cooling system water jacket drains out. This will keep the water from freezing inside of the water jacket and cracking something.

Lowering your motor all the way down will also keep water from collecting in your lower unit, in the exhaust port, if it rains. Allowing water to collect in the lower unit from the rains may also cause damage if it freezes.

Remember to start putting this boat winterization tip into action well before Winter actually sets in. It will save you a lot of money and some serious aggravation!

Now, go bag a hawg!

Curt <><