For me it’s aluminum!

I have had aluminum boats now for the past 20+ years. I like them.. period. They suit me and my style of fishing. They are easy to maintain, lighter to tow and are normally cheaper to buy than a comparably-equipped fiberglass boat.

Have you ever been fishing a certain lake and stayed away from an area of the lake that you really wanted to fish, but were afraid to go in there because you didn’t want to scratch your boat? You see, I really don’t have that problem 😉

Oh, and have you ever wanted to get into a really shallow cove, but couldn’t get in because there wasn’t enough water to keep you from bottoming out? I don’t usually have that problem either!

Did I mention that I like aluminum boats??

Sure, they don’t ride quite as smoothly as the fiberglass boats and they may not go quite as fast, and.. they might not sparkle in the sun, but who really cares? In the area that I live in and fish in an aluminum bass boat is almost the perfect boat.

Some fiberglass boat fanatics might get ticked off when they read this, but that’s OK, because while your waxing your boat and worrying about scratching your gel coat, I’ll be out catching bass 🙂

Now go bag a hawg!

Curt <><