Somehow, during all of the economic turmoil of this past year, some Connecticut politicians got it in their heads that maybe they could skim a few extra bucks from non-resident anglers who fish in CT.

I don’t know all the background information yet, but sometime during the past few months the cost of a non-resident CT freshwater fishing license jumped from $40 to $80, a 100% price increase.

I don’t have proof yet to back up my opinion, but I’m more than willing to bet that this makes CT one of the most expensive states in the country to buy a non-resident fishing license. Heck, I’m even willing to bet that they’re THE most expensive state in the country.

Obviously, as an angler, I find this to be completely ridiculous, and even offensive.. Believe me… I fully understand that the state government needs to raise much-needed income, but to force a 100% price increase in license fees and try to squeeze it out of anglers is one of the most moronic things I’ve seen in a long time (except for Obama’s so-called healthcare reform. But that’s another story.)

I’ll be doing some research during the coming weeks to get more information on this. I’ll also be formulating a plan to combat this and make the voices of non-resident anglers heard in CT. This obviously slid through the greasy halls of lawmakers unopposed by anglers, apparently due to ignorance on the part of the anglers. Chalk up another sneaky, underhanded law on the part of our wonderful state legislators.

Stay tuned for more info on this subject during the coming weeks. I hope to be able to put together an effort that will, at the very least, give us a means of signing a petition that can be sent to CT lawmakers to express our opinion on this issue.