Two of The Best Reels for Bass Fishing

Quantum Catalyst Pt Spinning ReelThe Quantum Catalyst Pt Spinning Reel is sized to fit any of your fishing needs.

The smallest size CT10PTIC is great for panfish and some bass fishing. The line capacity is 100 yds. of 6 lb. The medium sized CT20PTIC does well for bass and pike, but a big pike might be a bit too much. Clamping down the drag to the max of 16lbs is enough to stop most pike and bass, provided your line doesn’t break. The line capacity is 100 yds. of 8 lb. test.

If you are going after pike or big bass, the CT30PTIC is a good choice, and with a capacity of 120 yds. of 10 lb. line, it can handle bigger fish.

The largest model, CT40PTIC has a line capacity of 200 yds of 12 lb test. If you are going after salmon, steelhead, striper and redfish the largest reel is the one for you.

The bail is made out of titanium and is flexible. A key to owning the Catalyst is using the Quantum Hot Sauce for reel maintenance. The gear lube should be applied at

the beginning of each season. If the reel sees heavy use, then apply as needed throughout the season. These reels are built to last and if you take care of the gears and drag you can get years and years of fishing out of them.

The key to the smooth drag is the use of 9 ball bearings and 1 rotating ball bearing. The retrieve is very smooth and takes in between 23, 26. 28, and 30 inches per turn, depending on which model you choose. The gears are made of high grade material, which are capable of battle after battle with big fish.

Shimano Curado 7.0:1

Shimano Curado I Series Baitcast ReelMuch like other Shimano reels, the Curado 7.0:1 delivers exceptional performance and reliability. This reel was setup for smooth, long distance casting and smooth retrieve, while having the power to turn a big fish. It excels in all of these areas.

The product is relatively new, but very similar models have been on the market for a while. Despite the moderate prices, you get a lot of bang for your buck, considering the number of ball bearings and the upgraded gear ratio.

An angler who does a lot of casting for bass, walleye, pike, etc. would benefit most from this product. It’s lighter than most reels in it’s class and Shimano always designs a great working product.

The 7.0:1 retrieve ratio makes this one of the fastest reels available and really lightens the load when making thousands of casts in a day. Essentially, this means that the gears are doing most of the work and you can bring in line much more quickly than other reels.

The strength and durability of the reel has been dramatically improved from previous versions and has more than enough power, even for some saltwater applications. This reel is built tough and you will not be disappointed!

The Curado weighs only 9.8 ounces, giving that soft sensitive feel when paired with the right rod. Having a sensitive combo is essential to picking up lighter bites that you may not ordinarily feel. It’s light, but it could be just a tad lighter for my liking.

A 1/4 turn side plate has also been installed, which allows easy access to the braking system. Not only is this great for dialing in the reel for flawless casting, but its a huge plus for easy maintenance when that time arrives.

The reel also has a nice wide opening at the top for access to the spool. I wish they had this when I first started casting with a bait-caster. I had to get rid of some nasty rat’s nests with a small pick just to keep fishing. No problems with that here!

The faster retrieve and enhanced power features make this reel worth the extra cost over the older models. It lives up to the Shimano Curado name, and I personally think Shimano is one of the best manufacturers around when it comes to fishing reels, both spinning and baitcasting.

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